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About Jasmine

Jasmine and her mother-in-law

Since I was younger, I have always been in the kitchen cooking and baking with my mum (today I am running a baking business with my mother-in-law!). That lead me to have a few jobs in hospitality ​before becoming a dietitian. I knew that putting people on diet plans and telling everyone to lose weight wasn't something that resonated with me. Luckily, one day during my Masters degree, a non-diet, eating disorder dietitian spoke to my class—and I have been inspired ever since.

However, this was a bit of a process to fully commit to working as a non-diet clinician, since much of our world is all about diets and weight loss. I had to reflect on my past behaviours and thoughts towards food and my body. This was when I realised that my mum never really got over her eating disorder, and I too, was going down that road during high school and at the beginning of uni. 

I established The Unordinary Dietitian to help women take back their freedom and experience what life is really about without worrying about their bodies and what they eat. I've come out on the other side and can say, it is pure bliss. 

To book a consultation with me in Melbourne or via Telehealth anywhere else across Australia, reach out today.



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