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The Top 30 Resources for Ditching Diets

We live in a world of diets, people throwing the word "Ob*sity" around like it doesn't cause emotional damage to some of us and social media consistently implanting thoughts into our heads that we aren't good enough; whether it's our body shape, what we eat or how often we exercise. It can get a bit much and it may feel as if the world is against us for being in a different-sized and shaped body. When this happens, here are some resources you can use to remind yourself that you aren't alone in this fat-phobic world.


Whether you had a sh*t day at work because someone asked if you were pregnant (when you actually aren't) or felt bad for having that cupcake because it was someone's birthday in the office, podcasts can be the go-to way of removing those thoughts as you drive home from work. Here are some podcasts that may help to explain why our body is not the issue (and society is) and the science behind it.

  1. Unpacking Weight Science- Fiona Willer

  2. Maintenance Phase-Aubrey Gordan & Michael Hobbs (my fave!)

  3. The Mindful Dietitian- Fiona Sutherland

  4. Matter of Fat Podcast- Cat Polivoda & Saraya Boghani

  5. Food Psych Podcast- Christy Harrison

  6. Don't Salt My Game- Laura Thomas

  7. Life Unrestricted- Meret Boiler


If you're in need of some liberation and confidence in what you do (eating and moving), here are some fabulous reads that will make you feel empowered and ready to deflect the diet nonsense that comes your way.

  1. Reclaiming Body Trust: A Path to Healing and Liberation- Hilary Kinavey & Dana Sturtevant (Great for those looking for small steps into body acceptance)

  2. You Have the Right to Remain Fat- Virgie Tovar

  3. Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls: A Handbook for Unapologetic Living- Jes Baker

  4. The F*ck it Diet: Eating Should be Easy- Caroline Dooner

  5. Anti-Diet: Reclaim Your Time, Money, Wellbeing and Happiness Through Intuitive Eating- Christy Harrison

  6. If not Dieting, then What? - Dr Rick Kausman

  7. Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Program that Works, by Evelyn Tribole & Elyse Resch

  8. Just Eat It- Laura Thomas

  9. Love What You Eat, Eat What You Love - Dr Michelle May

  10. What We Don't Talk About When We Talk About Fat- Aubrey Gordon

  11. Diet No More- Judith McFadden

  12. Fat and Fertile- Nicola Salmon


You may be looking for additional resources or information about why it is okay not to be in a smaller body, and that is okay! We have been taught for our entire lives that being at a higher weight or different shape so not knowing 100% if this is the road you want to go down is understandable. Some of these websites may also lead you to connect with those in the same boat; whether you are in a larger body and are trying to accept that and/or for those you don't agree with dieting or changing your body to fit the status quo.

  1. Curvey Yoga

  2. Centre for Body Trust

  3. Body Kind Online- The Butterfly Foundation

  4. The Body Positive

  5. Body Image Movement

  6. Reach Out

  7. Dances with Fat

  8. Lose Hate Not Weight

  9. The Militant Baker

  10. Adipositivity

  11. Be Your Own Beloved

If you are seeking additional support or personalised information on how you can move away from diets and into food freedom and body acceptance, you can book an appointment with me here through the contact form! Otherwise, enjoy the resources and comment to let me know what you've read and which ones you've enjoyed most!

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