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What is mindful eating?

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Eating mindfully can enable us to enjoy the food we eat by savouring the textures, tastes and aromas. It is not a dieting approach but is simply a way to help prevent harmful food behaviours such as binge eating, and remove negative associations with food such as guilt, judgment and anxiety. This may or may not include changing what we eat, but how we view the components of our meals whilst eating them and seeing it as a way of nourishing ourselves.

Some tips to eat mindfully are:

  • Taking small bites;

  • Chew thoroughly. This helps to capture the senses involved when eating food which may increase your appreciation for it;

  • Take your time to eat;

  • Use a shopping list. Consider the nutritional value of each item on this list and how it will benefit you. Having a list also prevents impulse buying;

  • Start with a small portion on your plate;

  • Have a meal with an appetite but not when you’re so hungry you could eat anything. Eating in this state serves the purpose of filling a void especially if you have skipped meals, not to nourish yourself;

  • Appreciate your meal and the company.

Do remember that these are all suggestions and the most effective way of adopting this approach is to talk through the process with a dietitian. It is worth focusing on one new mindfulness habit at a time and then, gradually introducing the rest.

Need help with how to eat mindfully and to begin living a happier and healthier life? Book a 1:1 consultation with me and let's start this journey together!


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